Storyboard API is first step in sequence of APIs which requests Pictory to generate Video Preview from text, audio or video. This is asynchronous REST API.

Storyboard API

This API allows you to generate or edit videos based on different content inputs. For example, if you have an article/blog, you can turn it into a video by providing the webpage's URL. Various use-cases for which you can use storyboard API are listed below:

  1. Initiate New Video Request from Text/Article/Blog.
  2. Add generated transcription to the existing video.
  3. Request for Video Summary from the existing transcription.
  4. Deroll the video (and add autogenerated Video blocks to the video).
  5. Convert Podcast to Video.

Request Body

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescription
videoNameText (Required)Name of the Output Video File.
languageChoice (Optional)Currently, only English (en) language is supported.
Default value: 'en'
webhookText (Optional)Callback URL where the Storyboard Job completion response will be delivered.
audioAudio ObjectAudio Settings of the Video
scenes Scenes Array
videoWidthText (Optional)Width of Output Video file (video resolution width)
videoHeightText (Optional)Height of Output Video file (video resolution width)

Response Body

The Storyboard API requests Pictory Server to generate a Video Preview and since this API is asynchronous, it returns job_id in response.

To be notified when a Video Preview is available, you can poll the GET /v1/job/job_id endpoint. Once the video preview job is completed, GET Job API returns a video preview URL and render_settings in response. Video Render settings returned in this response can be used to generate video in .mp4 format using /v1/video/render API.

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