Storyboard API: Audio Object

Audio Object is part of Storyboard API and can be used to provide audio settings for video generation

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescriptionDefault value
autoBackgroundMusicbooleanLet Pictory AI choose Background Music on its own.
Default value: false.
backGroundMusicUriURLBackground music URI is the custom music URI
Default Value: null
backGroundMusicVolumedoubleMusic Volume.
Range: 0 to 1.
Default Value: 0.1
aiVoiceOverAIVoiceOverAIVoiceOver provides settings of AI Voice used to speak the text in the video.null
voiceOverUriURLIf the user wants to provide his custom voice, he can upload the URL of his voice. If voiceOverUri value is provided then please also provice value of autoSyncVoiceOveras true. null
autoSyncVoiceOverbooleanAuto-sync the voice-over with the text/subtitlesfalse


AIVoiceOver Object defines the values of AI Voice that need to provide Voice for text-to-speech in the Video Output.

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescription
speakerChoice (Required)Name of the AI Speaker that will be used to speak the text in the video. The speaker list is available on voice-over page.
speedint (Required)Speed of the voice-over.
Normal Speed: 100
Slow Speed: 50
Fast Speed: 200.
amplifyLevelint AI voice volume:
Mute: -1,
Normal: 0
up to 1 (double volume)